What to do to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

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There are many different things you as a customer can do to improve the carpet cleaning experience for yourself as well as the technicians coming into your home to do the cleaning.

  • First of all any garbage cans, mats under desks, or small furniture that you can fit into your kitchen or other area with hardwood flooring or tile is very much appreciated.  It saves our backs and enables us to do a more thorough cleaning for you!
  • Many of you have a bunch of nick knacks around your house ranging from picture frames to Hummels etc.  What we ask you to do is remove anything that can be easily knocked over with the shifting of furniture and for all picture frames to be laid down flat with the glass side down on the table.  This just helps to prevent any breakage of person items which no body wants to have happen.
  • One thing we have noticed over the years is people think that if they move their couch into the middle of the room then we have to get where it was.  We shift and move any furniture that we physically can without risk of injury, or destruction of property.  We don’t move big china cabinets filled with things or your entertainment center with you 55″ tv in it obviously.
  • We are very thorough however.  When people move the couch into the middle of the room like I was talking about before it just creates problems for us.  We shift it back before we start cleaning because we lay down a traffic lane prespray on your carpet in the highest traveled areas which are now underneath where your couch in covering.
  • After we spray the prespray is when we shift the couch out.
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