Armstrong vinyl clifton park installVersatile, durable, easy to care for, budget friendly and more patterns than you can dream of- what more could you ask in a flooring product? These floors not only can be installed over uneven flooring but sometimes right over the top of your current flooring products!

Unlike old-fashioned linoleum or wax vinyl sheet flooring products, today’s resilient sheet flooring is highly engineered and is capable of coming in amazing graphics like real wood planks, stones or ceramics. Different applications call for different products- whether it be something with a cushion in it for your kitchen or a super strong sheet vinyl with limestone for a rental property. We no longer offer installation of sheet vinyls, however we do still carry samples for you to purchases sizes needed for your space.

The newest trend in this industry is custom luxury vinyl wood planks or ceramic/ slate tiles . These products have the ease of maintenance like sheet vinyl yet they are one of the toughest floors available. With the ability to float using a locking technique or a full spread glue down application with or without grout, LVT covers all the flooring bases- it is extremely stylish, a breeze to maintain, warm on the feet and durability meant for commercial spaces at residential prices!