New Product Line- DuChateau Hardwood

Oil Finishes are here to stay- NO polyurethane/ aluminum oxide wear layer

oil hardwood flooring

DuChateau oil finish

That’s right….. the DuChateau collection out of Holland is nothing like you have shopped around for before. For decades the European tradition  has been to use natural oils and waxes to nourish and protect hardwood floors- something that has never really caught on here in America.

Oil and water don’t  mix. This obvious statement has been said a million times, but is it too simple to believe as a durable finish on hardwood flooring that is walked over day in and day out? No. With hard-wax oil, the surface becomes water repellent and stain-resistant against liquids such as water, wine, soda and coffee. When a scratch or a spot appears just buff with their branded oil and most of the times it can be eliminated! The oil integrates the wood and allows it to breathe and move with the transition of the seasons that we have in New York. Needing to resand your oil floor is probably never going to happen within your lifetime.  In fact, the floors at Copenhagen Airport are finished with hard-wax oil and have never had to be refinished or replaced since they were installed in the 1960’s. The floors are walked on by over 18-million people every year!

Heritage Timber

Heritage Timber- Reclaimed Wood Sample

All that is required for upkeep of these naturally beautiful hardwoods is to wipe them down once a year with their branded hard wax oil made from all natural ingredients including linseed oil, tung oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, resins, and colloidal clay. By combining the wood preserving qualities of the natural oils and the moisture repelling qualities of the waxes, hard-wax oil offers a high level of protection and durability.

It’s environmentally friendly from production to finish application and it is truly one of the most uniquely styled lines we have seen with hand scraping, smoking, brushing and distressing.




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