DIY: Lock & Fold

People ask all the time can I handle self installation?

Yes and no.It depends on the product you’re looking for.

With money being tight for many households now, more and more homeowners we meet are approaching the idea of cash and carry products in our store for a weekend DIY project.  Although many people may have installed before or have a great handle on the process, if it isn’t done right the first time it’s going to cost you more money to have a professional fix mistakes after the fact.

lock and fold 1

The best option to create value in your home yet keep the dollars in your wallet would be a product like Bruce Lock &Fold. This is a real wood product with many wood options like cherry, walnut, hickory, and maple plus the classic oak.  These random length planks in 3” or 5” width install like a floating laminate without the expensive investments of nail guns or glue. Just don’t skimp on underlayment – it’s critical to avoid the hollow sound of the floating floor.

lock and fold final



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